Pathway to the Stars: Part 4, Universal Party (Booklet 4 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 4, Universal Party (Booklet 4 of 12)

SKU: 4 Universal Party (Booklet series)
This is the fourth in the Pathway to the Stars booklet series. Please enjoy Pathway to the Stars: Part 4, Universal Party.
"We can bring the laws of chaos home to bring richness to life and sustainment to joy, happiness, peace, and resolve. We will develop and call this party, the Universal Party."
~ Eliza Williams before her audience in the Pathway organization
Eliza, Yesha, and James continue the growth of Pathway in their preparation for venturing beyond the Solar System. Eliza works throughout the Western Hemisphere, and Yesha does the same throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. Both are on a race against time to bring humanity up to speed with their advancements, their political ambitions, and their philosophies as they rescue the weary, downtrodden, and even a few who make life miserable for everyone else before sending them to their friend James. Meanwhile, James traverses the Solar System and receives new organization members, helping them to become Pathway delegates. 
Primarily helmed by Eliza, Eliza works with Yesha and James to build a political party on Earth that will infuse some of the ideas that made the tech cities a tremendous success. 
Vesha Celeste continues her Virtual Universe training journey, as she witnesses Eliza doing what must be done to unite the inhabitants of Earth into one peaceful civilization. It will take time and effort to see this happen, to preserve the homeworld for the long-haul, but working together to bring life where there is none, beautify that which is desolate, and forge relationships with civilizations we have yet to meet throughout the Cosmos is worth every moment and endeavor made! Enjoy this journey, as Vesha continues her training in the Virtual Universe, training that is essential to her future in this grand space opera, where they go both farther and further than before!
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Author, Matthew J. Opdyke

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