Pathway to the Stars: Part 10, Sky Taylor (Booklet 10 of 12)

Pathway to the Stars: Part 10, Sky Taylor (Booklet 10 of 12)

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"In a benevolent society, you are safe, I am safe, everyone is safe, and our potential for innovations that reduce unnecessary suffering can know no bounds. Only in a benevolent, ethical, and moral society—a society and a worldwide civilization that seeks to preserve life, and bolster well-being, will we possess the mentality and the evolved capacity to preserve our Earth, our Solar System, and our humanity...


“Those who justify the behaviors of those that truly oppress, they know who they are, yet I believe that they too can change. No matter who you are, no matter your past, no matter what you have done until now, you can still grow, you can breathe in, and you can breathe out. You can slow down the visceral thoughts of malice raging within your mind, and you can gain compassion for others, you can preach ideas of hope and of kindness, rather than push the agendas of greed, elitism, and dissension."
~ Eliza Williams


In this, the tenth book of the Pathway to the Stars series, continues her political leadership rising to new heights, and due to her efforts, a new superhero is borne. Meet Sky Taylor and her unique method of resolving some of the most significant conflicts affecting us all. To her, healing rather than harming is the best option toward creating a beautiful and promising future, as we prepare to journey to the distant stars!